Sunday, October 27, 2019

City of Salt

City of Salt
Starring: Lauren Catherine and Jake Ulasich
Not Rated    

“City of Salt” is an independent film revolving around the disappearance of a young woman, named Theo (Lauren Catherine), in the middle of her father's political campaign. The police, as they investigate, begin to uncover some dark and disturbing secrets.

The story focuses on two plots.

First, Theo, who has been hiding the fact she's gay, finds herself in love with another young woman and is on the verge of coming out to her parents. But fear is holding her back.

The second plot point is Theo's father's (Jake Ulasich) political campaign is forcing him further and further away from his family and from his values.

“City of Salt” takes a look at the bigotry and fear that still exists in our society just beneath the surface of a 'traditional' family and a 'traditional' community. The film examines how that fear and bigotry erodes relationships and communication and can create walls and barriers that are seemingly impossible to overcome.

The film also touches on bullying, sexual assault, depression, suicide and forgiveness and ultimately creates a kind of cautionary tale about what each of us really carries inside and what, if anything, are we willing to change about ourselves.

Shot on location throughout Utah, the story uses the backdrop of Utah's conservative views and religious values as plot points. But this story could have taken place in any small town in the USA as the themes of the movie are universal.

“City of Salt” is not a perfect film, there are some problems with pacing, imbalances in script and some of the acting is a bit stiff. But, that being said, it is an independent film done on a shoestring budget and much of those imperfections are to be expected and even add to the integrity of the film.

In the final reel, “City of Salt” is a morality play, leaving the audience with much to discuss and think about.

It gets a B and is not rated.

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