Monday, June 10, 2019

New on Blu-ray & DVD June 11, 2019 "Captive State" and "5 Feet Apart"

Captive State
Starring: John Goodman and Vera Farmiga
Rated PG-13     

Set in a Chicago neighborhood nearly a decade after an occupation by an extra-terrestrial force, “Captive State” explores the lives on both sides of the conflict - the collaborators and dissidents.

“Captive State,” I believe was intended as a metaphor for being controlled by one's government and handing over the reins of freedom to the authorities. But the film ends up a confusing mess with John Goodman and Vera Farmiga being both the stars of the film and bit players at the same time.

The movie ultimately suffers from taking a arm's length approach to the story and eventually ends up pushing the audience away completely.

“Captive State,” which was released in mid-March, only managed to make about 8 million dollars worldwide, so audiences felt detached from the story and showed it with their pocketbooks.

In the end wait for this film to be put in the discount rack at Walmart before buying it.

It gets an F and is rated PG-13.

Five Feet Apart
Starring: Haley Lu Richardson and Cole Sprouse
Rated PG-13   
Two teens battling a life-threatening illness meet and fall in love in a hospital.

Using Cystic Fibroses as a backdrop to the story, “Five feet Apart” is aimed directly at the 'Kleenex Crowd.'

A made for TV movie which somehow got to the big screen, “Five Feet Apart” is virtually a 'how to make a teen movie' manual as it weaves its predictable tale over the film's nearly 2 hour runtime.

The formula includes these plot points:

Boy meets girl, girl doesn't like boy, girl warms up to boy, boy shows his softer side, girl teaches boy how to love, boy and girl somehow become distant, surprise twist ending that we all see coming.

The movie pulls at your heartstrings so much you'd think it was Quasimodo ringing the bell tower at Notre Dame. Simply put, the producers are trying a wee bit too hard to make the audience feel empathy for the main characters. But what is missing from the film is honesty.

It gets a D and is rated PG-13. 

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