Thursday, June 6, 2019

New in Theaters June 8, 2019 "The Secret Life of Pets 2," "Late Night" and "Dark Phoenix"

The Secret Life of Pets 2
Starring the voices of: Patton Oswald and Kevin Hart
Rated PG   
Continuing the story of Max and his friends, Max now must contend with a baby in the house.

“The Secret Life of Pets 2” is a loose sequel with a less than stellar script following 3 pets in 3 different storylines with 2 of those storylines feeling tacked on and meaningless.

There are a couple of funny moments in the film, but nothing to take it out of the ordinary and into the memorable.

“The Secret Life of Pets 2” is a bland and boring children's film.

It gets a D and is rated PG.

Late Night
Starring: Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling
Rated R    

In the land of TV talk shows, a long-running TV host suspects she's getting cancelled and hires a new comedy writer to perk up her show.

“Late Night” is another in a long line of 'behind-the-scenes' comedies that poke fun at show business. In this case a newbie writer is hired and low and behold her honesty and humble nature begin to work wonders.

“Late Night” is a formula film that simply is too scared to venture into any new ground. The film offers nothing but stereotypical characters such as, the stern, grouchy boss, the sniveling writing staff and the young newcomer whose common sense inevitably saves the day.

After all is said and done “Late Night” is a throwback film way past its expiration date.

It gets a D and is rated R.

Dark Phoenix
Starring: Sophie Turner, Jennifer Lawrence and James McAvoy
Rated PG-13    

During a mission something goes wrong and mutant Jean Grey finds her powers increasing and corrupting her. Can the X-Men stop the most powerful mutant in the universe?

“Dark Phoenix” is the last of the X-Men films made under the 20th Century Fox banner as Disney bought the rights to the franchise when they purchased Fox.

The film offers better acting and special effects than the last couple of films, exuding “Logan,” but the film also lacks a sense of continuity and is rife with plot holes, unanswered questions and time filler subplots.

The biggest problem with the film is that with all it had going for it, including its pedigree, acting ensemble, special effects and soundtrack, it still managed not to be engaging for the audience.

In the end, “Dark Phoenix” is a simply miss that should have been a hit.

It gets a D and is rated PG-13.

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