Thursday, May 23, 2019

New in Theaters May 24, 2019 "Brightburn," "Booksmart" and "Aladdin"

Starring: Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein
Rated R   
On the eve of their graduation two high school over achievers realize they should have studied less and partied more.

“Booksmart” is a buddy party comedy. But, unfortunately this party never happens for the audience as the main characters are not engaging enough for the viewer to want to follow on this adventure.

“Booksmart” is guilty of force feeding the audience tired and worn out jokes, one-liners and sight gags backed up by terrible and lackluster performances.

In the end “Booksmart” doesn't graduate and deserves to e left behind.

It gets a D and is rated R.

Starring: Elizabeth Banks and Jackson A. Dunn
Rated R   

What if the 'Superman' story was twisted so that the superhero was more super evil?

That's the premise behind the new film “Brightburn” as we watch a troubled and bullied boy begin to realize that he has abilities beyond mortal humans.

The film is a complete and wonderfully shocking surprise and so well done, it will end up as the best horror / thriller of the year.

If you're into white knuckle rides, “Brightburn” is exactly for you.

It gets an A and is rated R.

Starring: Will Smith, Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott
Rated PG   

Disney's live action version of their 1992 Oscar award-winning animated film.

After not being too impressed with the release, earlier this year, of “Dumbo,” Disney bounced back with this sure-fire, audience pleasing hit under the direction of Guy Ritchie.

“Aladdin” is simply magical and grants the viewer its wish to be entertained. Of course there will be comparisons to the animated film, and that's ok. But this revisit has it's own pace and heart.

Will Smith and the main cast are spot-on and offer up exuberant performances with spectacular special effects and a wonderful score by Disney alum Alan Menken.

All in all, “Aladdin” is excellent. It gets an A and is rated PG.

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