Tuesday, April 23, 2019

New in Theaters April 23, 2019 "Twice the Dream"

Twice the Dream
Starring: Monica Moore Smith and Savannah Ostler
Rated PG   

Sisters, Amber and Sam Bradshaw, are offered an opportunity to chase their dreams of becoming musicians. As a tragedy shakes their family, they discover that the powerful bond and love they have can overcome anything.

As you can imagine, I watch a lot of large-budget Hollywood movies as well as a lot of low-budget indie and faith-based films.

And, although “Twice the Dream” was produced on a very small budget, it plays like a much larger, Hollywood film.

“Twice the Dream” offers up exceptional production values and a heartfelt story, written by the film's star and director, Savannah Ostler.

What is most impressive about this small film is it never wavers from its core message of loyalty, sisterhood, family and love.

“Twice the Dream” is not a perfect film, there are problems in pacing, in places it is too sugary and some of the acting is a bit stiff and detached. But, the film's stars, Monica Moore Smith and Savannah Ostler, do their best to carry the film over those hurdles, and by the final reel the film makes good on its promise to entertain by incorporating the elements of faith, love and family.

If you're looking for an inspirational film with a lot of heart, I recommend “Twice the Dream,” a small, independent movie that will fill the bill.

It gets a B and is rated PG.

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