Thursday, October 19, 2017

New in Theaters October 20, 2017 "Only the Brave," "Geostorm" and "The Snowman"

Starring: Gerard Butler and Abbie Cornish
Rated PG-13 

When the network of satellites designed to control the global climate start to attack Earth, it's a race against the clock to uncover the real threat before a worldwide geostorm wipes out everything and everyone.

Geostorm” is a well-paced white knuckle CGI disaster movie with Gerard Butler heading a multi-national team to stop whomever has hijacked the Earth's weather control satellites.

Although the film is somewhat cartoonish and stereotypical, the film does entertain and offers up some surprisingly heartfelt moments.

It gets a B and is rated PG-13.

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The Snowman
Starring: Michael Fassbender
Rated R
When an elite crime squad's lead detective investigates the disappearance of a victim on the first snow of winter, he fears an elusive serial killer may be active again.

With the help of a brilliant recruit, the cop must connect decades-old cold cases to the brutal new one if he hopes to outwit this unthinkable evil before the next snowfall.

“The Snowman” keeps the audience on the edge of their seats throughout most of the film. The film is purposely paced slow, but as the story twists it begins to come to a boil.

“The Snowman” has a few problems with timing and some character development and the film is extremely graphic with blood and gore.

It gets a B and is rated R.

Only the Brave

Starring: Miles Teller, Jeff Bridges and Josh Brolin
Rated PG-13 
Based on the true story of the 'Granite Mountain Hotshots,' a group of elite firefighters, who risked everything to protect a town from a historic wildfire.

“Only the Brave” examines the world of 'first responders,' who rush to the front lines of massive fires and provide the means to slow and stop the fire's progress.

The film while paying tribute to these men may go a little overboard in painting their cinematic portrait, but it really does work for this movie.

In the end,“Only the Brave” is a well-acted and touching movie well worth seeing.

It gets an A and is rated PG-13.

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