Friday, July 31, 2015

An Unexpected Journey

The weekend began at midnight on the 26th with a quickly scheduled road trip to New Orleans. The reason for the trip was to get a second chance doing a weekly TV show about food.

Well not just about food but about food and flavors of the city its served in and about the people who serve and eat it.

So, after assembling a small crew of people who could be gone for an undetermined period of time, drive 36 hours in a van with equipment and be ready at a moments notice to not only shoot a TV show, but completely change horses in mid-stream if needed.

Not an easy task, but I got lucky and a great and diverse team showed up.

The result was a great start which I am very proud to be a part of.

The crew samples the cuisine at "The Creole Cookery" as we begin shooting in New Orleans

LaVonne and Deven sampling "The Creole Cookery"

At the "Absinthe House" in the French Quarter filming the process of making this incredibly complex drink. Kathy the bartender explains the process to Deven.

Day 2 breakfast with the crew at a small diner off of Bourbon Street

Jason meets "Queen Nola," the owner of "The Pepper Palace" and learns a ton about hot sauces as Alan and Tawnie shoot the interview.

Deven interviews the owners of "The Creole Cookery"

It was a concentrated 2 1/2 days of shooting, finding subjects and dealing with the logistics of New Orleans and the French Quarter.

Then the long ride back... 36 hours... and a huge rain, thunder and lighting storm in Kansas...but with great travel companions it all went by almost too fast.

Back in Salt Lake City, planning the next round of shooting, there's a lot to do!

(more to come)...