Friday, June 12, 2015


Friday ended up very hectic as I began (as I do every Friday) at about 4 AM.

I wrote the written review for my print and on-line outlets I have to submit for.

Got to ABC-4 at 5:30AM and did my morning movie segment - Today, live on ABC-4, Brian Carlson and I chatted about "Jurassic World" at 6:15 AM.

After a small breakfast... and lots of coffee... I headed 91.ZHT and the Morning Zoo. Where Frankie, DB and Jessica and I chatted about how "Jurassic World" stacked up against "Jurassic Park."

And then I was back on ABC-4 for their "Midday" edition of the news and sat with Troy Thompson for my movie segment.

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon editing some great interview pieces for "Gephardt Daily" including interviews with Virginia Gardner and the iconic Jennifer Beals!

I will be posting the Virginia Gardner piece Saturday around 4PM!