Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday Is NO Day of Rest!

Ok. I'll admit I did over sleep this morning. I felt I needed to catch up with some ZZZZs I'd been promising to visit.

But I was jolted out of my bed when I realized I was late to begin the smoking process of a beautiful pork shoulder I purchased and wanted to make today.

So I quickly cut the shoulder and seasoned it for the smoker. I used garlic, red pepper, Himalayan salt  (thanks to a gift from my niece Kallie and her Mom!) and I added some lime - chipotle seasoning I made.

The meat is in the smoker right now and won't be ready until 6PM tonight. Then while it's smoking I am working on the reviews for some DVD and Blu-ray releases for Tuesday.

I discovered a great new Fan-based Star Trek series on YouTube. It's spearheaded by director James Kerwin, called "Star Trek Continues." It is based on the continuing story of the original characters and has a terrific quality about it. Check it out by clicking the link below.

Click Here to See Episodes

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