Friday, May 29, 2015

My Busiest Day of the Week


I am up around 4AM to get prepared for my segments on ABC-4's Good Morning Utah, where I chat a few times a week with the anchors about film.

Today was the opening day for "Aloha" and "San Andreas" in theaters, I discussed the films and reviewed them with Felicia!

After I was done with my morning at ABC-4 I jumped over to 97.1 ZHT and reviewed the films and chatted with Frankie, DB and Jessica, Utah's "Morning Zoo." Had a blast this morning chatting movies with the Zoo.
I reviewed "Aloha" and "San Andreas"
Check out my segment on the "Morning Zoo" with Frankie, DB and Jess

Then it was back to ABC-4 for "Midday," with Nicea DeGering and Carlos Mencia.

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