Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Movie and Streaming Entertainment Reviews for June 02 2020

ABC TV Reviews June 12, 2020 "Just Mercy (Re-Release) and "Artemis Fowl"
ABC TV Reviews June 09, 2020 "Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich," "The King of Staten Island" and "The Hunt"

ABC TV Reviews June 02, 2020 "Batwoman," "Naked and Afraid" and "National Blood Drive"

Friday, May 8, 2020

Movie and Streaming Entertainment Reviews for May 2020

May 26, 2020
"The Big Fib" and "The Invisible Man"

May 22, 2020
"Homecoming" and "Military Wives"

May 19, 2020
"Snowpiercer," "Growing Up Hip Hop," "4th & Forever: Muck City" and "Onward"

May 12, 2020
"Castle in the Ground," "Arkansas," "Birds of Prey" & "Call of the Wild"

May 8, 2020
"Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind" & "Union Bridge"

May 4, 2020
"Bloodshot" & "Tyler Perry's The Oval"

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Movie and Streaming Entertainment Reviews for April 2020

Reviews for what's premiering and streaming on Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Apple TV +, Prime and other streaming and VOD platforms.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

New in Theaters March 13, 2020 "I Still Believe, "The Hunt" and "Bloodshot'

I Still Believe
Starring: Britt Robertson and K.J. Apa
Rated PG   

Based on the life story of Christian musician Jeremy Camp and his wife Melissa, “I Still Believe” follows their journey of love, hardship and faith.

Although at its core an average formulaic film, the movie does have heart and a heaping helping of sentimentality.

If you're in the market for a sweet and hopeful story, this might be just the ticket.
It gets a C and is rated PG.

The Hunt
Starring: Hilary Swank and Betty Gilpin
Rated R    

In the film, 12 strangers awaken in a remote area, not knowing how they got there and soon discover they are being hunted as prey.

“The Hunt” is a dark and gory comedy. The story borrows heavily from films like 1965's “Naked Prey,” 1994's “Surviving the Game” and even a 1974 TV movie called “Savages.”

The film is brutal in graphic violence, all the while making a satirical statement on the social and political divisions we are experiencing currently.

In the end, “The Hunt” offers up some heart-pounding moments, gross laughs and a sarcastic running commentary on the American politics.

It gets a B and is rated R.

Starring: Vin Diesel and Guy Pierce
Rated PG-13    

When a solider, who was killed in action, is brought back to life with super human abilities, he goes after the men who killed his wife.

Although based on a comic book series, “Bloodshot” feels like a uninspired remake of “Robocop” or “Universal Soldier.”

Even though there are some good action scenes and special effects, the film is mired down by its lackluster plot.

It gets a C and is rated PG-13.

Monday, March 9, 2020

New on Blu-ray and DVD March 10, 2020 - "Spies in Disguise," "Uncut Gems" and "Bombshell"

Spies in Disguise
Starring: Will Smith and Tom Holland
Rated PG   

When the world's best spy is turned into a pigeon it's up to his nerdy assistant to save the day.

“Spies in Disguise” is simply a fun family film with a lot great humor and even a message or two. The film, at its core, is about discovering your strengths, even if other people think they're a weakness.

The animation is crisp and the script is fast-paced and very funny, brought to life by Will Smith and Tom Holland. And although some of the gags fall short here and there, the result is an enjoyable family film well worth watching.

“Spies in Disguise” deserves a B and is rated PG.

Uncut Gems   
Starring: Adam Sandler and Idina Menzel
Rated R   

Howard Ratner, a high profile New York jeweler makes a series of high stake bets as he goes after the score of a lifetime.

“Uncut Gems” is a manic film, constantly in motion as Ratner (Sandler) frantically crisscrosses the city placing bets and buying and selling precious gems and gold.

Sandler, who has done a few dramatic roles in his career, is absolutely on point as the high pressure, get the deal at any cost business man who becomes addicted to the big payoff.

“Uncut Gems” is an uncomfortable film to watch, but if you are looking for something different and gutsy, this film will not disappoint.

It gets a B and is rated R.

Starring: Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron and Margot Robbie
Rated R

The story of how some of the female staff at Fox News brought sexual harassment charges against news anchor Bill O'Reilly and the head of Fox News Roger Ailes.

“Bombshell” is a well-written and acted bio-drama weaving it's tale of how sexual misconduct and pressure in the workplace, was brought into the spotlight.

The cast is superb, with a standout performance by John Lithgow as Roger Ailes.

It gets an A and is rated R.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

New in Theaters March 6, 2020 "Emma," "The Way Back" and "Onward"

Starring: Bill Nighy and Anya Taylor-Joy
Rated PG   

Based on Jane Austen's novel about romance and status, Emma must navigate through all the mistakes and misgivings of relationships before finding her one true love.

Richly filmed and exquisitely costumed, “Emma” is a wonderful adaptation of Austen's satirical novel of privilege and place.

The film is very quirky and funny, but slow-moving which may have some viewers anxious for an explosion, but if you give the film time to unfold it's very rewarding.

“Emma” gets a B and is rated PG.

Starring the Vocal Talents of: ChrisPratt and TomHolland.
Rated PG    

Two teenage brothers go off on a magical quest to reunite with their father.

“Onward” is not the magical, memorable and engaging movie that we are all used to seeing from Disney / Pixar.

And even though the movie boasts some good animation, the story is a flat, lifeless and average 'road trip' as the two brothers embark on their quest to bring their father back.

In the end, “Onward” is a bland and forgettable film with little reward.

It gets a C and is rated PG.

The Way Back
Starring: Ben Affleck and Janina Gavankar
Rated R   

A once great basketball player, who is now an alcoholic, gets a chance to coach his high school basketball team.

Although “The Way Back' may sound like a formula sports film, the movie deals deeply with grief and addiction in a very realistic and unflinching way.

Ben Affleck as Jack Cunningham, offers us a very open, gut wrenching and honest portrayal of a man needing redemption and release from the choices he's made and the guilt he's carrying. This is arguably Ben Affleck's finest performance of his career.

“The Way Back” is not an easy film to watch as it doesn't pull any punches, but it is a film that needs to be seen.

It gets an A and is rated R.

Friday, February 28, 2020

new in Theaters February 28, 2019 "The Invisible Man"

The Invisible Man
Starring: Elisabeth Moss and Aldis Hodge
Rated R    

A young woman's abusive boyfriend commits suicide but she suspects he's still alive.

Based on H.G. Well's classic novel, “The Invisible Man” is about the 20
th version of the story put to film or television.

In this updated version, Elisabeth Moss plays a woman who is at the end of her rope as she is not being believed by anyone about what's happening in her life. The use of invisibility is a metaphor, in this story, for gaslighting, control and victimizing.

But the film isn't just a 'message movie' as it really contains some of the best thrills and anxiety producing moments in recent years. Director Leigh Whannell is an obvious student of Hitchcock and, like Hitchcock, takes her time developing every subtle movement in the film as the action and pace slowly come to a boil.

In the middle of the story is Elisabeth Moss, as Cecilia, who is told everything she is witnessing is not true. As she descends into the madness of the story, her character becomes undaunted in the struggle to survive.

“The Invisible Man” is not about the science of how to become invisible. The focus of the film is on the horror and the monster absolute power creates.

If you or someone you know, who may have been touched by domestic violence, you might want to think twice about seeing this film as it is brutal in depicting its violence.

The film gets a solid B and is rated R.